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the series – Unscripted Musical Docu-Drama

When a smalltown mom boldly turns the camera on herself in pursuit of her dreams,  Life quickly turns into a “real time” nightmare of poverty, betrayal, and  Homeless. Defeated, she overcomes to create a series like no other..

 a Docu-drama exploring the blood sweat and tears journey from insignificance to rockstar.  Anterockstar chronicled the triumphs and tribulations of independent musicians in the Greater Toronto Area.

a documentary musical experience that flies in the face of cancel culture, and shows just how powerful politicians and the media are in dictating the social narrative, and silencing marginalized voices; and how easy it is to be shut down for trying to do something good.

– Now sumiting to Festivals


A quiet suburban town is rocked when one “wonder” woman stands up for punk, in this musical experience film that shatters the stigma of what it means to be… Punk.

Un Punk is a POV musical experience captured during a breast cancer fundraiser shut down by a fleet of police for no other reason than it was punk. Un Punk goes POV behind the scenes of the show and digs into the dirty politics behind the antics. Filmed in run and gun style, the audience follows over the shoulder of a mother and her band of punk rock underdogs as they attempt the improbable: stop a riot, stay out of jail, and save their reputations.

Help Us Send Un Punk Around the World ON A FILM FESTIVAL RUN,

to Raise the Volume of Marginalized Voices.

& earn 0.33% share of the royalties generated by the film. for yourself and the charity of your choice.


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