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1, 2, 3, 4….

Apologies for being away, my creative juices have been poured into a
series of articles to be published today on as a special
to Anterockstar. Season III of Anterockstar – as yet unnamed, begins
airing April 1, 2009 exclusively on

One of our goals this season was for me to focus more on performance.
Little did we know how that would unfold. Since the dawn of
Anterockstar I’ve had this conception in my mind of what a show I
would put on would look like, and each time I’ve been on stage (cause
there have been a few now) it’s looked nothing like it. Letting the
vision evolve is a problem I’ve had for a while, as an artist it’s
stifling…. killing.

A few surprises here and there, we decided to open our own venue.
Since we’ve been getting little cooperation from the few existing
venues there are (with a million promoters serving each) the only way
to make headway on that front is to open our own place. Though this
sounded at first like a clear road, it has presented it’s own hurdles,
which we’ll talk about more on that blog, suffice it to say, we’ve
been through this kind of thing before, and are confidently moving
forward without skipping a beat.

I got to dance this season, which was fun. I never thought anyone
would be interested in seeing me dance, but it went over well… until
I danced a tap off my shoe… but that’s another story altogether

So, I hope you all tune in to watch season III…

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