D-Do do do… D-Da da da…

feature10You’re not allowed to quit.

It’s my favorite rule of League of Rock. The ‘don’t be an asshole’ rule is pretty cool too.

I was very excited to join League of Rock for their 10th anniversary edition; it meant that Anterockstar would finally get the ending we envisioned for it 10 years ago when it was conceived. At the time the plan was 10 weeks to turn an average person into a ‘rockstar’.

That initial go at the plan turned into 10 years to turn an average person into… what I don’t know yet. I know I’m not the same girl who 10 years ago innocently thought you could pull a ‘rockstar’ performance out of your ass in 10 weeks.

Now I KNOW It’s possible… and I’m halfway through the race already. So far… smooth sailing… but I know the closer deadlines get, where we’re not just learning but actually presenting what muscle memory we’ve acquired for an audience who expects…

Nothing… they don’t know what the performance is supposed to look like, so they will accept whatever they see… or hear.

I have been fronting a band called [sic] for a little over 5 weeks now. We met at the Orbit Room in the middle of February when I walked in late to my first League of Rock meeting. With only a few minutes to get to know each other and pick a song or two to start with, wally bill barry dyl and I joined forces, and thus was it written.

We have been holding weekly jam sessions since. For someone who has only ever watched/listened [although intently] it has been an amazingly validating experience. Our first song was an excellent pick for everyone, and came together quickly. A standard to get us warmed up and energized. Our second pick was an adaptation of an Amy Winehouse, what I thought was a popular song, which is turning out to be a new experience for everyone who hears it. The arrangement on that one was collaboration between myself and our lead guitarist. It provides challenges for all of us and is a complete departure from the original, so hopefully it will be a new experience for fans too. I know it has been so for me, and it will be an honor for me to interpret the work of a performer whose voice and originality reset the bar for female vocal performances.

feature3Our last song is the boys choice, and has been the most daunting. Vocally speaking, I sing all the time, but in a very undisciplined way… not being seen or recorded I have no reason to reach the end of a song, or even sing it well. Being responsible for a whole part of something that wouldn’t exist without me has been very motivating in terms of taking my instrument [my body] seriously, and making sure it gets what it needs to perform. Others are counting on it. I have had to adapt many of my routines to support this change. I had been doubtful that this last number would come together, it is outside my realm of familiarity entirely, and is not making its way into my being the way I’d like it to.

But I can’t quit, so I continue to try… although it’s not just about obeying the rule. It’s because the song is the boys choice, and they have their hearts set on playing it. So, in honor of rule 2, I give it my best even though I don’t love it because… I love them. They are sweet boys, who have been kind and gentle with me throughout this entire experience, who have been open, understanding, supportive, compassionate, who have spent several hours now listening to me croak and cough and forget lyrics and fidget and beg to go pee, and come in late, and tease… sometimes with little mercy.

Whatever the audience hears; it will have an intro, verses, a chorus, a bridge, and a spot or two for each of our band members to shine and show off their skills. A group is only as strong as its weakest member. At each point in the journey so far all of us have been honest about our weaknesses and have been adroit about addressing them in order for [sic] to present at our best. These are after all moments of dream come true for all of us, and none of us wants to be the asshole... and I do know that none of us will quit.
It’s in the rules.

Knowing that, I also know that each number we play will also have an ending. No matter what happens in the middle the song will come to an end and we will have run a three minute mile together, and all of us not only crossing the finish line, but doing so at the exact same time in a photo finish.

Giggles… with me front and centre.
Last night’s rehearsal was my toughest one yet. I pushed myself and my chords farther than I have to date, and I’m feeling confident in how it is coming together, and in my delivery. I didn’t notice in the moment, but I’m told one particular number made one of my coaches blush.

Wardrobe is pick’d…

Twill be very [sic]…

Thoroughly poe-tic.

Just the way…

Uh huh… uh huh…

I like it.

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