Going back to school


This year marks the 10th anniversary of my entry into the entertainment industry. Prior to 2006, I was a ‘business professional’ trained to analyse and optimize the bottom line. Boy has alot changed since then.

It has been a traumatic ten years. The reality webseries documenting this transition, Anterockstar, premiered on (of all days) 6/6/6 in Los Angeles at iHollywood Forum. I came back from that trip with interest and contacts from AOL.
Then it all went AWOL.

We ploughed through four years of brick walls to produce 3 and a half seasons and a documentary feature called Shwatarded before we put Anterockstar on hiatus for the sake of mine and my family’s mental health. We didn’t stop producing film; which is our passion and ultimate purpose; we just stopped producing Anterockstar.
In 2010, we took down the site and stopped documenting our struggle to focus on our recovery. Producing and airing Anterockstar had cost us more than we could ever imagine. We have always been boostrapped financially, but along the way we suffered devastating losses of friendships, family, and mentors that we could never have anticipated, that decimated us.

We needed to recover and reconstruct our identities.

A friend who has been passively observing since the very beginning recently reflected to me that the story hadn’t exactly turned out the way he imagined. Me neither. All I wanted to do was learn to sing and perform. What I did end up doing was learning so many new skills it makes my head spin. When I look back on all the things I’ve done, it’s been an incredible journey on which I’ve met some of the most incredibly talented people who have taught me more about life in our short encounters than I would have learned in 90 years in my office cubicle; said passive friend included... They are my heroes.

So back to the editing room we go with a new spin on Anterockstar and an ending in sight. Although the storyline hasn’t played itself out to the ending I had imagined (yet), I have learned to do the one thing that set the original premise of the series.
Now I can sing.

In the mean time, enjoy a look back at where it started.
“ Not alot of time to turn a 33 year old mother of four office manager who likes to sing in the car into a Rockstar ”
The pic above is a screenshot of what the site looked like when we launched in 2006.

www.anterockstar.com the 10th anniversary edition premieres sometime this month... Anterockstar the series re-boots on my 44th birthday, Easter Sunday, March 27th 2016.
You won’t believe your eyes.

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