7 Behind the scenes secrets of a self-produced reality series subject

feature6In honor of the re-release of our reality series next Sunday, March 27th, my birthday, and Easter, I thought I’d share a few insights to set a bit of context. Every time I introduce the project to people and tell them we’re self-produced, their reaction is always the same... ‘Oh, real reality.’. Ya... real reality. Not the kind that production companies produce that contrive circumstances to create an outcome... no... the kind that nature herself writes the storyline, and as the hero in the story, my only choice is to overcome. Any which way I can.

Today’s secret...

1. I couldn’t have foreseen or planned any of it, or what it would lead to… even though there has always been a plan and a goal.

When I first wrote the production plan for Anterockstar, the storyboard started at the terrible singing part, and concluded at a professional grade performance… in 10 weeks. In this case, also producing said performance, as well as a 10 part reality series documenting the process. Thus would Anterockstar fulfill its purpose in proving that an ordinary person can be coached in and live a role outside their everyday.

483755_10151464563755355_1187975549_nI have gone to great lengths to prove that someone CAN achieve things they never imagined they were capable of. While I haven’t had the privilege of playing the ‘rockstar’ for real until recently, during production of the series I have enjoyed playing the role of film producer, videographer, music journalist, documentarian, dancer, background performer, model, music promoter, event producer, director, art director, activist, punk, politician, and mentor… IN REALITY.

During production I experienced things I never could have fathomed at the beginning, from a last minute trip to LA to pitch it, to the ending of lifelong friendships. It all started out wonderfully, but quickly went awry and blindsided me in ways that I look back on now and wonder where I got the inspiration, never mind the strength or ability, to move forward. The more I watch, the more evident it becomes where that inspiration springs from. My children lived the better part of their childhoods on video, and these moving/talking pictures capturing moments of our lives together, our history living and breathing, will be a treasure that I will always hold dear, no matter what anyone has to say about it… and trust me, lots of people have lots to say about it. We have all of them on video too.



That initial 10 week plan turned into 10 years of blood sweat and tears, and now that we’re here living those closing scenes, I can relax knowing that I will have finished out the Anterockstar story board, and put her to bed so I can move on to the next project I have planned for myself. The ending is not quite the ‘upper scale of relaxed’ we first envisioned in Season I, but it has a lot of energy, and shows a natural conclusion to the storyline. It also somehow demonstrates some kind of prescience...

Tomorrow’s secret…

At one point it became apparent to me what was going on

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