Einstein’s “Spooky Action at a Distance”

feature7The more you study history the more you realize that everything moves in cycles, a slow progression, trapped in a back and forth, give and take, wobble all the way.

Much as the universe expands outward from the big bang. The sun remains trapped in the orbit of the galaxy’s rotation. The earth revolves around the sun in a slow steady progress through the void.

So too is it with the evolution of mankind. Throughout history, every conflict demonstrates the battle between our individual points of view, the polar opposites and every opinion in-between battle it out on this stage of existence. Negative versus positive night and day as the planet revolves. And every action taken by both sides has an equal and opposite reaction, and when the dust settles we as a species have taken one small step forward in the cycle of evolution.

Full Circle.

We started studying Social media in 2003. At the time the phenomenon consisted mainly of a growing community of bloggers, chronicling their lives on a day to day basis.. Over time the patterns began to emerge. Year over year similar events transposed over periods of time from years past. And it became clear that we were likely to face similar victories or challenges in our lives depending on where we were in the yearly progression around the sun.

When it was first conceived Anterockstar was intended to be a 10 week demo product for a social media platform / “real life” lifestyle webzine we had conceived of in June of 2005. Intended to be a platform for real everyday people, to illustrate the possibility that consumers themselves could become viable media product. Our initial pitches to investors failed, leaving us financial unable to proceed.

However in February of 2006 a local radio station was holding a contest for a guaranteed audition for Rockstar Supernova. The resulting failed attempt to create demo for the contest, served as the perfect vehicle for our concept. Take an average person and chronicle the journey of turning her into a “Rockstar”.

The idea sprouted wings and By that June we were in los Angeles pitching our concept to a panel of media moguls hot to capitalize on the next lonely girl 15. Having secured a production partner, and joined on stage by our platform partner to develop the site, we premiered the first episode of Anterockstar on June 6, 2006.

666 a bad omen. Enter conflict stage left.

By the end of June Our production partner had quit the series, over a difference of opinion. Controlling the outcome of the project versus “letting go”.

Real Reality vs. Produced Reality.

And so began a ten year long progress of give and take, back and forth, challenges honed by victories, rolling year over year..

One of many examples of which can be found with the above noted Rockstar Supernova contest.. it reappears in an new form when in 2008 we featured Lukas Rossi (winner of Rockstar Supernova)in an episode of Season 2.

Spooky Action. The universe unfolds.

Fast forward to February 2016 where we began participating in a 10 week workshop that takes amateur musicians, sticks them together to form a band, and ends in a live on stage performance.. sound familiar… Full circle…

My job as an editor and filmmaker is to try and capture and present these subtitle nuances, that we call life, and present them in a way so as to inspire an audience, to take a moment and appreciate our existence and its ever evolving give and take , noting that through every conflict we take one small determined step forward.

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