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A day in the life…..

It’s hard to know who knows what when I meet people…. you never know where they’re coming from.

I assume people know where I’m coming from, cause I put alot of myself out there. It’s hard to be a performer and your own marketing machine at the same time… people don’t know how to take you.

“The channel, a professional liar. How I long to contradict those vibes.”

“You misconstrued my answers, due to the lack of love, reason.”

– Patient Eyes – PM Dawn

It’s even harder to start this process over again. We’ve been pursuing independent artistry now for going on three years… it’s been the longest, hardest …. wait a second….

If we’ve learned anything producing this show is that it never gets any easier. Well, it does, but only when you stop manipulating the flow, and do the right thing. We’ve also learned that getting this right… takes alot of practice.

Here’s to getting it right.

It’s interesting to look back at where we started, and compare it to the now and see what’s changed. Kindof like taking a picture and spotting the differences. I’m really fussy when it comes to appreciating my own stuff (it took me a whole year to be able to listen to rape me and like it). It’s even harder considering all the events that unfolded…. and are still unfolding… on video.

So, we’re re-broadcasting Season II leading up to the debut of Season III which goes to air on April 1, 2009.

We’ve named this season “A day in the life”.

Flash: (recommended)

This episode picks up after Season 1, where we threw it all away.

This is where we return to Oshawa from Kevin’s parents in Montreal, start production on another season, and start our foray into the Ontario Works program….

We’ll be reminiscing on this episode later this week with a re-cut including director’s commentary.

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