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A fish out of water…

And gasping for air.  That’s what I feel like when I’m asked to sing.  I can’t explain it, and it drives me just as crazy as it does those around me.  I know that I can.  I just don’t…. it’s weird.

We went to film today at our secret Oshawa location (we’ll call it the door at the end of the hall), met a whole whack of new cool people, and they’re on board to help with the show, they’re funny, they’re cute, and pretty bloody talented.  I can’t wait to introduce you.

So now apparently, after discovering and embracing the exhibitionist in me, I have now released the wallflower, with a vengeance.  I dunno, perhaps after spending the last three months having people dear to me pound into my head that I can’t do this, I’m having trouble getting over that.  Oh well, in the mean time, it’s making for good footage…. so it’s all good.

We’re still experiencing some technical issues, so bare with us, we’re getting there!….  

That, and as usual, we have lots in the cooker, including new content for phyte… stay tuned!


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