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A page from my diary…

I had the shittiest day today….. ever.  Kindof.

I missed the goddamned train, so I had to wait an hour for it…. and then another half hour wait on the way home…


I figured out that practicing in bus shelters is a really good idea.  The reverb is absolutely fantastic.

Apparently also loud enough to attract an audience.

I got feedback on my singing today, and the woman said I was good.  She told me I should try out for Canadian Idol.


She asked if I was a singer.  I said I was trying to be.  She said I was.


Now…………………..If I could only get over my stage fright.

When she walked into the shelter I stopped singing.  

It took me a full ten minutes of chatting and coaxing before I would do it again in front of her.


Anyone have any insights on how to deal with stage fright?  I could really use them right about now…..(and no, I won’t picture everyone naked, that won’t help)

I’ve tried sunglasses and closing my eyes, and that works… but at some point…. I’m gonna have to take the glasses off and sing to someone…..

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