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a Whole new perspective…

Friday’s event is settling in my mind.

A couple of observations….

I’m being knocked for conduct unbecoming a candidate.

How funny that people should ask me to change my behavior to earn their respect. I thought integrity meant staying true to what’s inside you. I thought voters liked integrity.

I’m running the oddest campaign on earth.

I’m a woman (therefore I must be naive)
I’m poor (therefore I musn’t have a shred of economic sense)
I’m eccentric (therefore I must be abnormal)
I’m open (therefore I must be deceiving)

Among the very many other things I am, these seem to be the ones people pick up on most.

I’ve learned that you can’t change someone’s mind, they can only do that for themselves….. although I’m being begged to change minds…. Seems abnormally naive to me.

I’ve been told that I’m desensitized…. that the people I mosh amongst are in some way an extreme example far removed from the rest of the human race.

“If you send out signals that you don’t want to belong, people will make sure that you don’t” – Pretty in Pink

Apparently sending out signals that you do want to belong doesn’t work either. Somehow the whole planet seems bent on this grab binge (fuck someone else before they fuck you!).

I just don’t see how we all can’t just learn to look at each other and see what’s really there. A human being, just like us, with feelings, thoughts, and hearts that bleed.

And tummies that hunger.

I hope this note finds your mind open to the many beauties that inhabit our earth.

Opinions be damned, I just want your love… and I’m willing to work damned hard to get it.

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