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Ante-\An”te-\({a^}n”t{-e}-) :A Latin preposition and prefix

used in the sense of before, in regard to position, order, or time

To Place one’s Stake

Rock \Rock\, n.:

That which resembles a rock in firmness; a support, grounded

Star \Star\ (st{aum}r), n.

A person of brilliant and attractive qualities

Our Story

One Sunday morning in the spring of 2006 , Tamara LeClair, then a 33 year old suburban wife, mother of four, and office manager, decided to record an audition for Rockstar Supernova.  What she discovered during taping, and decided to do next would change her life forever.  She couldn’t sing.

Setting out to overcome this failing, she enlisted the help of a friend to help her produce a reality series documenting the arduous process of altering one’s life to match one’s perception. 

Anterockstar was born… and Tamara LeClair  would never be the same again.


Reality series debuted at iHollywood Forum in Los Angeles, CA, June 6th, 2006.

Classic tale of triumph over adversity, shot on JVC HD handycam, in living color, and full emotion.

Meet the Cast

“A Knee Jerk reaction to Idol Shows” sees controversy create itself when a then, 33 year old office manager mother of four decides to pursue “rockstardom”. The things she sacrifices, the triumphs she enjoys, and the players who embrace her along her journey.  Anterockstar explores the lives of musicians in the Greater Toronto Area through the lens of Oshawa videographer and performer, Tamara LeClair, within the backdrop of her pursuit of a career as a performing artist.

Tamara LeClair

Tamara LeClair is an actor and producer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In 2019, Ms. LeClair made her feature film debut as “Leanne” in Prowler Films “Firecrackers” at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

Ms. LeClair is an autodidact actor, dancer, singer, and percussionist.

In 2006, Tamara transitioned from a successful business administration career by writing, self-producing, directing, shooting, and appearing in 44 episodes of the first reality series on the web; Anterockstar. www.anterockstar.com.


Kevin LeClair

Husband and wife, partners for life, AnteRockstar’s creators Tamara and Kevin LeClair have invested over 15 years crafting the series .

A master visual artist, KEVIN’s skillset is enhanced by 20 plus years brand management and marketing research experience serving blue chip brands.
Kevin is a consummate technologist with multiple successful enterprise implementations to his credit.

As Anterockstar’s technical guru, KEVIN is responsible for overseeing IDM development, executing technical production, implementation, and research.

Mr. LeClair is a wizard of the arts practiced in the dark, editing and compiling elements into experiences for anterockstar’s audiences and clients to inhabit and enjoy.