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All my people….

Despite the persistent drama in her life, I love the work Madonna did with Britney… I think that girl should take a listen to her elders tho.


So here we are, the day of my bright idea, we’re gonna turn water into wine here people.  I’m so excited… And what’s my bright idea you say?

I’m collecting kudos, in the hopes of reaching one million by the end of the day, but in any case, once I have my chunk, I’ll be auctioning it off on ebay for charity.

“But Kudos aren’t worth anything!” you will say.  Psha says I.  And so does the billion dollar industry that is Advertising.  They’re spending money like drunken sailors in whorehouses, and I’m about to become a hot commodity….not that I’m not already, but now I’m gonna start trading.  T is for Trading after all.

Once I have reached my million dollar mark, I will list the chunk on e-bay for sale.

“But who will buy something that’s not worth anything?!” you will say.  Psha says I.  Refer above.  Those people aren’t stupid, despite being drunken sailors in whorehouses.

And I don’t want you to give me kudos for nothing either, if you don’t think I deserve a pat or two on the back for a job well done, then fine, no harm done.

Your kudos will go to helping make the world a better place.  Any donation for any charity is a miracle these days.  There seem to be alot of suffering people.


I’ll be back shortly, need to finish getting dressed, send some emails, make some phone calls, and get this goddamned web cam working. 


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