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A trans-media docu-drama exploring the blood sweat and tears journey from insignificance to superstar.

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Chronicling the triumphs and tribulations of independent musicians in her home town, Anterockstar strips the PR sheen off your television screen when videographer and aspiring “rockstar” Tamara LeClair uncovers the unvarnished reality hiding behind the raw performances of her subjects, and exposes herself to unimaginable risk as she continues to doggedly pursue a public career, politicking her way into the headlines.

Season I (Fallen)
5 Episodes produced 2006

With her heart on her sleeve, a suburban mother of four loses her head to follow her ‘rockstar’ aspirations, putting everything she has on the line to pursue her dream.  Social focus music, economic crisis.  (Premiered  online June 6th, 2006)

Season II (Happpiness is Sitting next to You)

13 Episodes produced 2007-08

Upping her ante, Tammie returns to Oshawa to propose Oshawa Rocks!, making many friends and frenemies along the way.  Social focus music, hunger and homelessness, politics.  (originally aired online 2007-08)

Season III (Tamara is a Punk)

13 Episodes produced 2009-10 VIEW TRAILERS

Tammie sets off on a right foot walking in Toronto Fashion Week as one of the first REAL women to strut that famous runway.  When she strong arms City Hall into hosting a charity punk concert in their central park; Tammie gets political.  When her babies are kidnapped les jeux sont faits.  Social focus music, breast cancer, politics, activism.  (originally aired online 2009-10)

Season IV (Girl Call’d Out)

13 Episodes produced 2011-16 [TRAILERS COMING SOON]

Anterockstar returns for a final season of production in 2016 with the re-release of re-cut episodes, and previously unaired material in new episodes.  The gloves come off when Tamara shines emerging as Tammie Trouble letting it go for a live audience; and pens her own theme song.  Anterockstar looks back on 10 years of triumph over trauma.  Social focus music, mental health, politics, activism.