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Anterockstar – Dedication

I love alliteration don’t you?..:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

Argh.  My right leg is useless.  Apparently so is my left arm.  YAY.

Kevin’s gone back to ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” /> Montreal to return the car to his parents, and is coming back tomorrow.  I have so much fucking work to do it’s silly (although I know I’ll get it all done with Kevin gone…lol).  Why is it that women find a certain… je ne sais quoi…  when their men go away?  hehe… here’s for the french and the art of saying nothing and everything all at the same time.


On the topic of men, or good old boys in general, I’ve been spending alot of time with a group of Maritimers we met who are here to do inspection work on all our Hydro poles.  It boggles the mind that we’d import hands from the Maritimes when there are plenty of able bodied men here in Oshawa to accomplish said task (who are right now threatening to jump from parking lots, and falling off of roofs). 

According to our friends, there is no work back home and they is thankful to be here, although terribly home sick.  I’ve certainly been doing my best to keep them entertained, as has Pat, the manager at the Kingsway, but working straight days allows you only time to eat, sleep, work, relax, and start all over again.  I could understand how it can get boring….

Although isn’t that how everyone’s day goes?

Well, I guess they’re just missing the girls back home….  So for all you lost  good old boys out there (including Husbands on the road, Maritimers on pole duty, Soldiers active and fallen, Boys in blue, Copper thievessuicidal deppressives, overworked executives, and yes, all you touring Rockstars out there, this Anterockstar Song of the Second  is for you.

American Pie.  Done by ME… and Madonna.  Hope you enjoy, and that it reminds you of home (whatever, wherever, and whoever that may be)…

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