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AnteRockstar Moment : Ali&Nate

Part 1

Like music isn’t about sucking out your soul…. and spoon feeding it to people. What a fuckin night. I mean… what a night. So I got to once again enjoy $3 Coronas and have a blast. Aside from that…. Alison Mitchell is a man. The footage… I love how I’m completely oblivious to some but when someone catches me boy…. I learned alot tonite. I learned sometimes people don’t see themselves the way I see them. You see….. when video captures you and takes you…. well… nothing’s the same anymore. But I do know, there is no sensation like the human touch, and that touch knows more dimensions than even humans can comprehend. I’m ashamed I dehumanized a friend. I’m proud I held my own. And I really must go, my own are needing me to wake them for school in the morning…..

Part 2

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