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AnteRockstar Moment: Nash the Slash


NOT yet anyways…lol.. but it will if I have anything to say about it.

So, let me get this straight….and pardon any cynicism, but I’m taking this one a little personally.

City makes big move acquiring Miniature Village.

So, I propose to the city that we hold a two-day festival celebrating Rock’N’Roll, it’s place in Oshawa (and it’s future), educating a generation of upcoming musicians, providing invaluable networking opportunities, exposure to a worldwide audience, investing in our future… and in doing so, providing many in the community with immeasureable benefits, including keeping these people productive and in a creative outlet (and pardon me for saying so, not lying in the streets stoned and starving) for the measly price of $35,000…..

They turn me down, and instead cut the Cullen Family a cheque for $200,000.00 to buy a bunch of broken down pieces of history….

Well, just watch what I have to say…I’ll be heading to City Hall tomorrow and doing some research.  Not nice to go to war before checking your ammo… can’t wait to see how much I find…

And in case you missed it the first time… OSHAWA NEEDS TO REINVENT ITSELF… and not in the image of Whitby….


Nash the Slash speaks out on Oshawa!

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