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The long awaited, much anticipated…

Hey there guys… I know this was due on Friday, but here it is, your long awaited news bulletin (we needed confirmation on some things before we went to press with this!) Our thanks to all who are supporting so far, including The Adopted, Newspaper Taxi, The 3-Tards, Hellrazor, Wetwork, The Symptom, SOCAN, The Dungeon, and everyone who’s volunteered, thank you SO MUCH!!! I won’t be able to do this without you, and I can’t wait to drink champagne with you all on the 15th of September!!! June 1st is coming up awful fast, and I’m happy to report we’re on schedule. We’re hitting the road on Tuesday… and well… WATCH THE NEWS FOR YOURSELF! (And I’m thinking of running up against Lloyd Robertson for most trusted newscaster… whaddya think? I’m a hell of alot cuter than he is… although my hair’s pretty stiff too in that video… *giggles*)

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