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Any way you look at it you lose…

So, Season I, Episode IV….

Was shot in Montreal just after Christmas.  We had recently been evicted from our home in Oshawa, and let go most of our posessions.  We escaped with a bunch of things, courtesy of our loving friends, neighbors, and family.  I’d get into that futher, but just watch the Episode if you’d like to see what that feels like.

It normally would have been viewable on (the site Kevin and I own), but in the move to Kev’s parents in Montreal, we left behind the computer that had the software necessary to put it there.  We were left with no other option than to put it up on youtube in three parts. (Haha… try doing that on a dialup connection mi amigos).

I’m not overly fond of this episode, for obvious reasons.  To tell the truth, I am not overly fond of the entire first season, and again… for obvious reasons.  It was a very painful period in my life, and while I am very proud of myself for working through it without any permanent damage, there are scars, and wounds that I still shelter.

And then there are passions I still nurture.  We’ve made our way back to Oshawa now, we are all back together under the same roof (we were separated from the eldest two children)…  and we’re moving out of the same room *giggles* next week.

I’ve started working my voice again (wait till you see that video *giggles*).  I can feel my progress throughout my body, and I can’t wait till I get an opportunity to just belt one out I tell you.  Hehe… maybe we’ll do Karaoke this week :o).  Any requests?

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…..

but then again, also so you can’t see the tears in my eyes…. 


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