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As if the tool itself were responsible for the chaos it engenders.

As if the tool itself were responsible for the chaos it engenders.

otherwise entitled, Why I’m leaving facebook, by Tamara LeClair

I have been on facebook for quite a while now.  I have been on many social networks, and there always comes a time when I have to leave.  I explore, meet, greet, am inspired, and then at some point the pool always becomes dry and infected and this place is now, for me at any rate, stale.  void.

I am a huge proponent of social media, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of it’s pitfalls.  Unfortunately, like any other living thing, if it is not nurtured, and guided, and maintained, well, it just grows out of control, consumes everything in its path, and eventually burns itself out.


Because people do.  I think it’s funny the way marketers forget that Social Media is made up predominantly of people, and that any social media site or network will behave exactly the way humans do.  There’s only so much fuel you can throw at a fire before there’s nothing left to burn.

As a writer and an artist Facebook has been most beneficial to me.  It’s also tapped me right out.  As an artist I am almost devoid of hope, tho somehow I still manage to keep the appearance of being creative, I feel like the dryest little flower in the patch.

And oddly enough, people always forget that what happens in cyberspace impacts reality.

As a human being, I’m pretty tapped out too… in many many ways.  Facebook just sucks more and more of what I don’t really have out of me, so I’ll be refocusing my energies elsewhere whilst I curb my desire to spend my life watching your lives unfold.

I’m going to be making significant changes in my life, and maybe someday I’ll be strong enough to come back to facebook, and use it wisely.

Till then, I’ll be removing this profile later today, and hope you understand and learn from my fortunes… that facebook is a tool, and that it must be used wisely.

And for godsakes, someone put together a social network that’s about promoting positive human values, collaboration, and productivity….

Before Facebook eats anyone else……

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