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Baby show me your hand

“Treat me like a curse
then tell me I’m your savior
I’m living with a stranger
I used to know so well
waiting for your answer
is a kind of torture
could I grow accustomed
to this kind of hell?”

Voices – Madonna – Hard Candy – 2008


So Madonna’s in the headlines again this week for inciting lust. Lust… hahahaha…. like a word can encompass a state.

Some little retired minister was quoted in the Santiago press saying that the lady “Shamelessly incites lust” among his sheep. Baaaaaaah.

I haven’t felt lust for Madonna since Sex. I don’t think anyone else has either.

Maybe he’s just jealous… cause her words and actions have more impact than his do. And maybe he should contemplate his motives for opening his mouth and making such shameful statements about someone he doesn’t know, or hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting.

I doubt he’s ever seen her live either, probably wouldn’t have the balls to, cause he knows damn well he’d be up and dancing and singing right along to Erotica:

“You are who you are
and I
wouldn’t want to change a thing,
in spite of
all the pain that love can bring
tell me, what can I do?
I’m so in love with you”

Then maybe he’d understand the difference between love and lust…. like Madonna’s fans do.



On another note, surprisingly was pointed out to me this week that I have a hateon for women… hahahaha! It turns out that alot of what I film focuses on men (duh) and that I don’t get alot of women. Well, this is for a couple of reasons:

1. There aren’t really alot of women out there rocknrolling…. I’m sure there are tons who want to, but not alot of them actively out there working this shindiggy….

2. The girls are even more intimidated by the camera… unless they’re on a stage.

You’ve got to admire the shit out of the ones who make the stage. For the most part, from what I’ve seen/heard these chicks are tough as nails. You have to have alot of hutzpa to put up with working with men who have no manners whatsoever, whose overindulged egos have the capacity to make or break your career depending on what mood they happen to be in at the time, which is for the most part horny, unless you’ve spent 25 years earning their respect to the point where they see you as an equal and not a sexual object anymore. (sorry, lil rant there).

And of course the fact that we’re seen as sexual objects is entirely our own fault, cause you know, you can’t sell anything without a lil titty ‘n’ ass in there…. boys just don’t like looking at art, or rather, they have a fixed form they like to indulge. And the thing is… you become what you advertise if you’re not careful (haven’t we all learned THAT one watching my show). For the most part, girls have been used to push men’s music. Groupies are great for pushing all kinds of agendas.

And then there’s the ones who exploit themselves for their own purposes… they’re manipulative sluts who incite lustful riots in crowds.


In any case, Girls girls girls….There are girls in my inventory…. but not a ton.

There’s Jules from The Terminals, Doc from Wetwork, Pantychrist, Gryffyn… and Suzie McNeil.

I was supposed to see Black Cat Attack last night for the first time (that I can remember). We had Val Knox on Hell’s kitchen way back when, and they’ve played a million shows since… apparently last night wasn’t the night for it to happen either.

I can’t say exactly what happened, but I did go out to the show, just wasn’t able to stay for it. Sometimes, it’s necessary to display your loyalty (and guarantee your lift home) by sticking with your party.

I wondered all the way home if I had made the right decision, I went out with the purpose of speaking to Dino at Atria about booking dates for next year, and getting an interview bit with Richie Bones about staying in the country, and getting the bands on film…

I got 5 minutes of footage, and none of my goals accomplished.

I asked myself on the way home who’s fault it was that I had left and gotten none of my goals accomplished. Clearly…. my own.

In retrospect, I have to say that I did make the right decision, because I stuck not to the plan, but to the group I was with. I think that dividend will pay bigger than any footage I could have gotten.

It already has anyways… it got me a hug from one of my dearest friends…. who witholds affection regularly, just so he can dole it out and have it appreciated for what it truly is…

not a habit or an instinct…

but an expression of genuine respect and love.

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