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Back to reality…and shit…

I have my first SHOW. Saturday.

Ok, first open mic… breeze.

Second open mic… freeze.

Show. Saturday.

I’m told the only thing I have to remember is not to leave the stage. I can do that 🙂

The most amazing stories I ever heard during this whole Anterockstar gig, is how people can just get a call, and run in and play a show, like that. No meet and greet, No jamming, no rehearsing, no nothing, just like jump in and put on a show.

Sounds so damn easy dunnit? Improvising beauty on the spot.

It’s time I realize, that it is that easy. I am rehearsed. Extensively. That’s why the first open mic was a breeze.

The freeze on the second had more to do with my mood than anything else, but if there’s another amazing thing I’ve learned, it’s that the show must go on…

I’ve learned booze helps you check yer shit at the door…. haha… or bring it depending… :).

Booze will erode also your shit…. or so I’ve come to learn. If yer shit’s riding on booze…. it’s watered down.

I’ve had alot of discussion this week surrounding the role of entertainers. Of course, this means a variety of things, but overall it means to provide pleasure to an audience.

They’ll forgive you for fucking up…. but they won’t forgive you for walking out.

Sorry for having my boots back on before our set was finished on Tuesday there Jackson…

I’ll bring my feet on Saturday 🙂

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