Hand of God Voice of Angels

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So we are now into my second week training to be a drummer.  I must say some of my initial vigor has waned.... I practiced myself into stupidity last week, and my confidence took a tad of a beating.  Right back up on the horse, and I have a better understanding what's going on.
My main problem during Lesson 2 was my leading from the left.  We also have issues with my coordinating my left and right sides (getting my right and left limbs to move together in opposition).  I naturally gravitate to having them move the other way... my right arm with my left leg, and vice versa.
I came to realize this morning that I move this way because I am a dancer.  I start on two, and lead from the left (on the backbeat).  

My starts and stops suffer because I am missing the opening beat. 


Look it up.

I should have posted this last week, but I've been practicing incessantly, on top of the oodles of other shit I've got going on, but I'm proud that I've been managing at least an hour a day, and frequently push it to three or four.  I do alot of walking, and I also get a four hour bus ride back and forth to my teachers... that makes for lots of practice.
Not alot of time on a kit though, and until we find transportation for Justin's kit to bring it back home, I'm stuck begging kits all over town (although now I have a drum machine courtesy my Teacher!). 
I got a chance on Monday to play by myself with earphones on and it was fun (Addicted to Bass - Puretone).  Reminded me of when my driving instructor finally had enough of trying to teach me, took me out to a parking lot, handed me the keys and said "I'm going out for a coffee, just don't leave the parking lot, I'll be back in an hour".  I taught myself how to drive that day... or rather I learned how to drive on my own.


I've been trying to come up with little mental tricks to remind me to lead with the right but come down heavy(er) and steadier on the left.  One of the things I've done is name my sticks :)
My teacher gave me my first pair of sticks last week, and it seems rather stupid, but they're extremely special to me.  They're BBB maple, and a heavier stick than even Justin plays with (I've always used heavier instruments... I suppose it makes up for a certain weakness in my arms, if I have enough weight to throw around, although I don't think that makes a difference in a pen*wink*)  One of them is marked up at the tip, the other is clean, and a little lighter wood.
One is the hand of god, the other is the voice of angels.
The hand of god (darker one) I play inverted in my left hand, i.e. the tip is in my hand as opposed to the handle.  It's heavier this way so I can bang harder with my left. 
The voice of angels (lighter one) I play normally in my right.

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