The board is set, the pieces are moving……

DateCreated ‎ ‎04/ ‎27/ ‎2007, ‏‎8:01:59 PM
PostedDate 04/ ‎27/ ‎2007, ‏‎8:01:59 PM

(one night in bangkok)

So, we’re now precisely 24 hours prior to our pitch to the City.  We’re on the agenda for 9:50 tomorrow morning.

I’d like to be nervous, but all the pieces are coming together nicely, and although it’s not as perfect as I’d like (it never is), I’m happy with it, and myself, and my abilities to pitch this ball, right out of the park.

Lakeview park that is…. We went to the beach yesterday, our first family outing all together in nearly 6 months.  We’ve always loved the beach, being near the water seems to soothe and inspire.

The kids are bored, but active, and have been playing and wrestling (and fighting of course!).  It’s nice to see them back to normal (somewhat).  Everyone except for Frances seems to have adjusted, and despite the fact that it concerns me, I know why that is.

Because I am having the same troubles adjusting myself.  Although being together is the one thing I have wished for more than anything for the last while, it is still an adjustment, not only being mother again (to 4 instead of 2), I am also heading headlong back into Anterockstar mode, and these two worlds don’t easily mesh…

So, I kind of feel like I’m between two worlds at the moment, not completely in one element, yet not entirely in another at the same time.

It’s neat to be back, but strange at the same time.  Our perceptions have undergone a shift…  You would think you wouldn’t have to adjust to something you wished for…

You know what they say… be careful what you wish for…lol…

So although I didn’t anticipate it, we have an adjustment period ahead of us, and I HATE adjustments…  changes… but I’ve also come to learn that the more I dread them, the harder it is to ADJUST, so I will smile and bear down… sort of like childbirth I guess.

So, while I’m not in my element, I have found my element again.  Perhaps uncomfortable is where I belong, certainly, I am at my most creative when I am uncomfortable…. Discombobulated (there’s a word for ya RJ)…lol…

Jazz & Liquor…..

Is that the same thing as Sex Drugs & Rock’n’Roll?

Was watching Chicago last night, and it’s funny, but nothing much has changed in showbusiness (or the world) since the 20’s except for fashion…

And manners.

I’ve never