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PostedDate 05/‎15/‎2008, ‏‎2:59:27 AM

Good morning and welcome to Anterockstar News, I’m Tamara your host J

Well, the biggest news fell outta the sky this week, the long awaited announcement of The Cure’s 13th studio release.  Much to the fans and Robert’s chagrin, I understand there won’t be a double release this time around, and that we’re going to have to settle for a single album after such a long wait.

I’ve been trying to get an interview with the band here in Toronto since before they re-scheduled their fall show.  We’ve been holding up the end of Season II to coincide with this show, and happily enough, we’re both looking at no. 13   J

Now, I say trying, cause as of this particular moment, 24 hours prior to their appearance at the ACC, I just been told


Would anyone like to see a miracle?

I’ve just been told by their label that an interview isn’t possible at this time, but I know I’ll be there tomorrow night, and I’ll get a moment or two with Robert and his boys. 

How am I going to do this you ask?

Well, I’ve given it a lot of thought, and even attempted a few silly things, as one is wont to do in times of desperation, but I think this idea will be the cincher.

I put myself in bob’s shoes, and I ask myself, if I’m going to meet someone, and he’s apparently in the mood since he had a fan sit down in Philly at their show, that someone had better be special enough to jump a few hurdles… or win a contest.

A Philly fan won a contest put on by a radio station, but I intend to win a contest of my own design, thank you.

Anterockstar was designed as a challenge for myself to be the best singer/performer I could be.  Well, I haven’t done much of that over the last few years.

And here’s my big chance.

How do you seduce a songbird and draw his attention to your work?

You sing to him.  J

I found a playlist by Robert many years ago that had Carpenters on it. 

If I could sing one song for Robert right now, to tell him how I feel about his influence in my life, and seeing as I’m also auditioning to be in a Carpenters inspired band, I might as well go for it. 

So without further ado, I give you my first public appearance singing since last year, and my first Carpenters cover since the start of Anterockstar…

Won’t last a day J for my Maestro… and my inspiration…


In other news here at Anterockstar this week,

You’ll be glad to hear that our dealings with the Children’s Aid Society have been resolved to our satisfaction, and that the order has been withdrawn. 

Too bad they’ve found an even weaker victim to harass now. 


My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the little Hamilton boy who just wants to die with dignity. 

This week we will finally be uploading the DOA and Pantychrist footage we shot at The Dungeon last week.  I want to take this opportunity for thanking Joey Shithead and his gang for making their second appearance on Anterockstar.

Those of you who were looking forward to the Von Drats footage from Saturday night will have to wait a little longer.  Seems we had a bit of a cameraman malfunction.  Sorry guys!  We’re looking to see if there’s a moment we can salvage, and if we can we’ll post it on youtube.

We’re looking forward to catching them at their next gig.  You can find their show schedule on their facebook.

And.. for those of you waiting on news of Episode 13…

Episode 13 of Season II will be released on Friday June 13th 2008!  That’s right, you’ll finally get to find out what’s happened between Lukas Rossi and Robert Smith… and why.  Keep reading my blog for updates, we’ll be planning something special for the release!

It’s gonna be big folks!

And in even bigger Anterockstar news…

We’ve hammered out Season III, and will begin production in the fall.  That’s right folks, no summer of Anterockstar this year, with the exception of Episode 13, we will not be releasing any new material until the fall.

We’ll be working hard behind the scenes though, and bringing you an even bigger and better season, so stay tuned, this is gonna be awesome!  Haha… I’m told 3 is a magic number….*wink*

That’s about all folks, those of you who would like to stay in touch can get a hold of me on facebook, gmail, myspace, or hell… why don’t ya just google Anterockstar?

I’d like to take a moment at this point to thank all the family, friends, bands, promoters, club owners, fans, and audience everywhere for their participation in Season II…

Although it didn’t quite work out like we planned, it worked out, and we’re forever in your debt.

Thanks folks, it’s been a slice, but I’m off like a prom dress!