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An Artist’s Statement?

I’m going to talk a bit about Episode5-Reflections which is something I don’t usually do, I prefer to let the visuals speak for me, however in this case I thought a deeper look might be in order.  Like a mirror, this episode in my mind, has a lot of depth that lies just below the surface.  Ironic, because the whole episode is about perception and how you can’t control how people see things, yet here I am trying to explain how I see things…

This episode was a labor to say the least.  We (Tam and I) were having a lot of creative issues when trying to get this episode shot. Originally the episode was to feature another topic, but a cancellation left us in a bind.  Tam thought that we should cover another angle on image, which we touched upon in ep3.  I begrudgingly went along.  My feeling was that the concept was too abstract for the medium, and very difficult to portray, and may come off as boring, and self involved.

Making Something Out of Nothing

The issue I was having was trying to illustrate the concept of self image and it’s perception, which is hard to do especially in the four walls of our apartment. How do you demonstrate visually, that perception is a mirror?  (the view through the looking glass Alice?).  After several filming sessions I still wasn’t convinced we had illustrated anything, and time was running out to be ready for the episodes’ release. So, we decided to film Tam getting ready for the WetWork show.

Sex Sells

This move in itself is open for interpretation and especially misinterpretation, the visuals of a woman (Tammie) shaving her legs, getting dressed, putting on boots and stockings, etc... border on cheesy, overtly gratuitous sexual content. That’s why we put them in.  The idea behind these scenes was exactly that, to illustrate perception. We’ve all seen the commercials, you know the ones, a scantly clad woman holding a nice cold one and while your eyes stay transfixed on that image, your ears hear the dramatically cool voice telling you about the full body taste of brand x beer..

In our case to demonstrate the mirror effect of perception, we used these types of imagery in a similar, yet opposite way. While your eyes are transfixed on the image of the Anterockstars boots, your ears are hearing about the reasons for the boots, and what that woman’s perception for wearing the boots is.

“whenever you point a finger there are three fingers pointing back at you” - Madonna

The concept of perception being a mirror I think, comes together nicely at the end of that segment when Tam talks about how her image in the past was misinterpreted (in her mind) with the red tape photo’s. The comments from the anonymous individual demonstrate the idea.  He saw a woman in a bondage picture because that’s what he wanted to see. Everything we preceive is tainted by our own experience and idiosyncrasies, and this is illustrated nicely with the Newspaper Taxi shot. I don’t know but did anyone see men in bondage while looking at that image?  All of this not only speaks to perception in general, but also subtly covers the difference between the perceptions of men and women.


Which is why, at the last minute, we switched the featured artist. Originally, Silvercade (an amazing band who will be featured in a future episode because the theme they demonstrate is better suited for another topic), was slated for this episode but Saturday night after filming Wetwork we decided to bump them up, because as fate would have it these same themes were present in the interview footage. Interestingly enough, as Brian explained about the synergy when he and Doc had while writing their album, this episode willed itself into being in a similar synchronistic manner.


The Moon is a Window to Heaven

As an introduction to the Wetwork segment, I included the moon footage as a symbol. Similar to the “Art is resistance” graffiti written on the path before the DOA (ep3) interview, and then covered up by the city (literally the day after I filmed it) at the end.

The moon in this case is a symbol of the feminine.  Doc’s take on being a woman fronting a metal band coincidently reflects the first segment of Tam’s image talk, with her troubles being taken seriously as a woman in the Political arena. Of course the problem is that our perceptions are skewed by our self image, and as Tam said in a segment on the production of a reality series in Ep3,  that perception of events may only be her interpretation of those events.

It was interesting to note as well, how we were permitted to witness the intimate gestures that Tammie performs before going “on”, and that Doc would not show us this moment (although she’d talk about it.).  Tam’s preparations are more on the physical plain, whereas Doc’s take place in her mind (although she does make physical alterations before a show.  Although we didn’t include the footage, and in defense of the moron who mistook her for a roadie, Doc was dressed ala roadielike before the show, and wasn’t wearing the boots, so would naturally appear stocky, and just like “one of the guys”. 

BIG difference from the woman who took the stage.



“Heavy”- Marty McFly

Heavy Metal itself is a conundrum of perception.  Long viewed by the general populace as evil, satanic, etc., this view is widely used by metal musicians to market themselves, the flip side of that is that, of all the musical mediums out there, you’ll never find a genre of music that is so laden with imagery and symbolism. Similar to the many religions of the world, metal, generally speaking, is a counterpoint to the symbolism and imagery of religion.

Wetwork is no exception and is demonstrated in my mind brilliantly by Doc. While I don’t want to get into the varying degrees of perception of religion, I do want to touch upon the Feminine which many world religions tend to vilify, the whole Eve and the apple scenario, which Doc in my mind reflects. She embodies her femininity in the interview footage a stark contrast to her stage persona the very message her work is attempting to convey. By using symbolism of anger to call attention to the message. Similar to the way the gratuitous boot shots from the first half of the episode called attention to the perception of sexuality, Doc’s on stage persona calls attention to what she and Brian see as an injustice in Religion.


If Angels are the messengers, the shot of Doc opening the concert with the Dungeon’s logo on the wall behind her sure paints an interesting reflection…. You’d think we planned it that way….


Of course this is all just my perception it’s all up for interpretation.