“Make a big wish that we’ll never have to do this again.”

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PostedDate 09/ ‎24/ ‎2008 ‏‎4:08:00 AM

I attended Glen Bensley’s open air memorial on Sunday.  I was also working, filming the second segment of Politicus.

Both probably my best work yet.

“Don’t worry, you can do it”

It’s tragic that it takes loss to make us realize what we have, and who we are/were/might be. 

I didn’t know Glen Bensley other than he was the little Indian lookin guy I saw everywhere.  He was a very unassuming guy.

I remember the first time I saw him though… I was walking the streets downtown, down as usual (I’m ALWAYS down), and he was playing open mike style on the sidewalk outside Art Affairs.  There was a bench right in front of him, and I got my own personal show.  I remember I danced, I remember he asked me up to the mike, and I remember being way too shy.  I remember he made me smile…. And that made me feel better.

We were never introduced formally I don’t think, maybe we ran into each other at the Atria and smiled in recognition, but I don’t think he knew my name.

Doesn’t matter, after Sunday afternoon, there’s no way in HELL you wouldn’t know who Glen was.  Exactly who… through an through… even if you never met  him at all, or saw his face…a damn fine human being who knew how to make people smile.

An inspiration.

My thanks to Ed Hum for the best cry I’ve had in a while.


Loss is something the Liberal party are familiar with, and if Dr. Sean Godfrey is my local representative from that Party, it would appear they’ve learned a little something something.

Or not…

It’s interesting how this is turning out really, now that I’ve heard Dr. Godfrey’s pov, I feel like I did Dr. Carrie a disservice.  You see, I’m getting rhetoric, and we all know it.  It’s a matter of whose rhetoric you believe, and far be it for me to argue semantics, but what is the difference really?

I met both gentlemen under different circumstances, they’re both lovely men, personable, amiable, and of course as can be expected, they’re both trying to put their best verbiage forward. 

One has the weight of experience to his verbiage, the other has the light of a fresh outlook.  Hard to choose what to keep in your hand and what to throw down sometimes ain’t it?

Dr. Godfrey has balls I believe…  The man swore on camera… and showed up wearing his colors to a funeral. 

I was originally supposed to meet on Dr. Godfrey’s turf at his campaign office near where The Dungeon used to be….  I had to be at Memorial Park instead.  He agreed to meet me there after I told him why I needed to change the venue.  I also said it would be a good opportunity for him to see my people, the contingent his arena never hears from (except for through statistics), at their best, coming together.

What a beautiful color.