Subject I know what's right
DateCreated 2/9/2007 4:31:00 AM
PostedDate 2/9/2007 4:19:00 AM

and what's wrong.

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Society as a hole is a sick sick puppy, and needs some help.  What inspired this latest rant you might ask?  Well, other than yet another screaming match with the woman who would call herself my mother.... have you read the headlines lately?


Mother's bosom is where we are supposed to find solace.  The Catholic church would have me turn to Mother Mary's heart for mercy, when God is too pissed off at me to listen (contradict yourself much?), she is supposed to intercede on your behalf.  She is the compassionate face that God lacks, because we all know how wrathful God can be (although is it drilled into our heads repeatedly that he is not, but I digress..).


I've got news for all you people, especially you women out there, who now thank our sisters in suffrage for the rights to speak and be heard, yet don't bother to stand up and be counted.  Women, men, we're all the same, and there is no solace in the bosom of another, until you find it in yourself.


I'm done subjecting myself to pain at the whim of others.  I'm gonna have a little mercy on myself, and start healing my wounds.


Starting with my mother.  Her big beef (to go with the long grocery list of trimmings she stores for any occasion) is that I have made promises to my children and not kept them.


I've got news for ya ma... you've got your own promises you haven't kept, to yourself or anybody else.  Is dad still drinking?


And I'm going to believe you when you say you will look after my custodial rights now that you have contacted child services?


I'm done keeping my mouth shut for the benefit of others... they don't bother to do it for me.