Subject Newspaper Taxis appear..... at the Horseshoe?
DateCreated 2/23/2007 10:48:00 AM
PostedDate 2/23/2007 10:10:00 AM

In honor of the latest release of Anterockstar, I thought I'd share some anecdotes about the performers of our theme song, Fallen.  Newspaper Taxi.

We've come a long way together since our chance meeting at the Horseshoe last March.  When we first met, we had no idea how working together would take shape, but I fell in love with the guys, and I'm pretty sure they feel the same about me.  Our producer at the time hated their sound, but ultimately chose Fallen as the theme song for the show.  It was a perfect fit, and Paul agreed to let us use it.

When I watched the final cut of Episode IV, it had been a while since I heard the song, it's not like I sit around watching my own work over and over again.  In the initial episodes you only get to hear the first chorus of the song, but in this cut, the end of the song gets in at the ending credits.  It was an amazing feeling to hear it again, and feel the same enthusiasm wash over me that I first felt when watching the first Episode in Los Angeles last July... and haven't felt since.

I talk in Episode IV about everything we've been through, but I don't get into many specifics.  There are good reasons for this, and not to keep you in the dark.... some of you got to watch it all unfold on my blog, but since last July, there has been no end of.... for lack of a better term, denouement.

And the Taxi have been there through the whole thing.  We promoted them throughout the summer, showing up at events, taking pics and video, giving them inspiration (hehe... Paul's brother (Irving, guitars) even says they play better when I'm around).  I don't know that that's true, but I do know that they have everything they need, even without me.

The Taxi went through their share of upheavals over the last year, having lost their drummer, Jeremy, at the end of 2006.  I was lucky enough to have caught his last performance with the Taxi, and tape it.  I'm cutting together Shut up & Listen for your viewing pleasure as we speak.  It was a fantastic show, tremendously energetic, and hopeful.  As I sat with Ari (Simon, vocals, guitar) having a beer after the show, we were fantasizing about them making the cover of  Rolling Stone in 2007.  I asked him if he thought the Taxi would make the cover ... he told me I'd be the first to know, cause I'd be shooting it.