Subject What kind of Anterockstar would I be?
DateCreated 4/4/2007 11:05:00 AM
PostedDate 4/4/2007 8:40:00 AM

If I didn't post at least a word or two about the Junos.

I had been invited to attend by Socan, but unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond everybody's control, I was unable to accept their invitation.

I was not disappointed after watching on CTV.

The graciousness of the City Host, Saskatoon, with their Energy, warmth, and enthusiasm, despite Ben Mulroney's obvious frigidity, was great, although the red carpet was a little big.  The weather was cold, but the place was hot.  Thanks to the crowd, and host, Nelly Furtado, who gleefully signed as many autographs as she could outside, and gladly mingled with them inside.

The show was original, if a little chaotic.  The layout of the place, coupled with Nelly's incessantly changing outfits, the mish mash of presentations, the conflicting design styles in the creative... how many fucking agencies did they have working on this?  or was it the one that they had simply couldn't make up their minds, I dunno...

Let's just say the show packed quite the load.

We're so exposed to the Marketing Machine (which has till now been dominated by The US), it's difficult to watch the show without comparing it to the AMA's.  The Grammy's being a whole new level of formality.

The AMA's long ago lost their appeal as an entertaining show, like all the other awards shows out of the States the formula is out of date (with the exception of this year's Oscars... they were somewhat refreshing).

Having grown up in the shadow of their predecessors, it's refreshing to watch the Canadians show off everything they have, even if it didn't come in a neat package and kindof just exploded all over the place.

I wasn't overly amused by Nelly's biting whole hog into the hostess trip, I thought the bird thing was a little over the top, and kinda corny, but I could see the point she was trying to make (I simply prefer a Cirque du Soleil type of performance in that regard myself).  I thought the Tia Maria bit with Buble was cute tho.  And her sincerity was evident when she bust out the words "Canada I love you for accepting me".  Touching.  Alot more touching that the webisodes up on her site.  I like the concept, but gimme more Nelly, less Frilly.

The performances kicked ass, you could tell there was alot of effort expended on the stages, and the performances... extremely well thought out and delivered.

I love where Canadian Music is going.  Not a single tux in the It's good not to take yourself too seriously.  Although you can tell who's still hiding and who's not by looking at the Sunglasses....  what is it they say?  You start wearing sunglasses so you won't be recognized?  Then what pray, were Nickelback doing at the Juno's anyways?

I liked how the censors managed to catch shit out of Jack Soul's mouth as he accepted his Juno, but not ass... hmmmm..... are we dropping shit from our shit list?  *giggles*  I dunno, he seemed like a nice enough family man type to me.

My favorite performance of the night had to be the Musican Kid, I think his name is Stephen Fisher.  He belted out American Woman like his little ass was one fire.  Quite the powerhouse for a 12 year old.  I wish I could do  Just goes to show you what MUSICAN do....

And it goes without mention that it was cool to see Rick Hansen again, and to be reminded how his work in partnership with Canadian Musicians had such a tremendous impact on so many, including Nelly.  I must confess I had a bit of a crush on him myself.


I noted this morning that more and more American bands are hitting shockwaves... I LOVE how the Rockstar Supernova thing fizzled out, perhaps when what'shisname gets outta rehab they'll take another stab at it and get it right this time.... but that happened before it even started.

On a personal note, I met a rather haughty Rockstar once last year.  Managed to get me a look into his eyes, and didn't like what I saw.  He evidently didn't like what he saw either, his disdain was dripping when he wished me luck. 


He's since lost his bassman.  Coincidentally, I'm still looking for my bassman.. one in particular of course... and he knows who he is. 

I also know he'll come to me when the time is right, so I'm not worried. 

I wonder if Jared is worried?

So, in case any of you are keeping count in this little revolt I'm running, The Americans have Rockstar Supernova, 30 STM, Britney, and all these other little bands that keep breaking up, and Canada has Nickelback, Billy Talent, Nelly, and a whole whack of bands and performers who are just coming into their own, bursting at the seams, and ready to fly.... 


Just like Nelly... eek... I hope we can manage it a little more gracefully tho...

In any case, I lost interest in the Junos (much to Grandma's relief) about an hour and a half in, but I'd seen enough at that point anyways.  The only way I'd sit the whole way through something like that is if there was a party at the end.

P.S.  Shame on CTV for even thinking of doing such a thing as delaying the broadcast in favor of Amazing Race.  Makes you wonder where their allegiance lies....