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DateCreated 5/3/2007 1:47:00 AM
PostedDate 5/3/2007 12:22:00 AM

It's hard to pick a topic for any of my bloody posts...they cover so much

First off, I'd like to mention, I'm inspired from so many sources... thank you all....

I watched a documentary this evening, "Metal, A headbangers journey" on one of those M view channels on Bell expressview tonite...what a trip.  I highly recommend it.  For those of you looking for an understanding of the movement, I highly, highly... ( I can't stress this enough) highly! recommend it!!!!   If you're looking to understand where kids (adults) who espouse (worship) this type of music (or understand their craftsmen) you need to watch this series.  Although I am not a professed metal head (although I enjoy the genre, I am far too pretty to be believable  to be a die hard) I am an avid anthropologist, as is the series documentarian.  Kudos to you Sir, for bringing your passion to the light.  It is long overdue.

I am however.... a metalhead raiser.  I'm 35 years old, and long past faking being young, but my son... is an avid metalhead.  God love him, he spews new and deeper lyrics at me daily.  Today's tid bit: 

"don't you fucking dare tell me who I am.  Act  like you give a damn bodies, useless flesh and bone, nothing can be done". - I dunno who... some metal god.

"Oh yes Son, I digress, something can be done.  Far more than to tell you who you are...  I foretell you who you can  be....I am more than a God of metal... I am more than flesh and bone, I AM your mother." - ME

I love you more... than can be described... and I exact the same from you Sir.

I delve to the depths to understand him (and his sister who follows in his footsteps).  I not only try.. I do.  I'm afraid that some teenagers will fail to understand that to be pissed off at the world is not only a state of adolescence.. until you achieve peace with it... forever will it dominate your destiny ( to quote another geeky father of flesh and bone). 

To them I say... you can do so now (understand), or you can do so later...

TUUM EST my babies....   TUUM EST. (look it up ya lazy English teacher made me... some knowledge is worth seeking.. and those poor bastards are worth the effort they put into you). 

You'll prove it one day I'm sure (worth the effort).  I love you both, tremendously.

I'll be starting the Anterockstar retrospective tomorrow for those of you who aren't acquainted with the story... and to those of you who are...

Beware the truth.... it'll bite you in the ass.  Just like Rock'n'Roll has...

Since the beginning....

And I know they understand.... because they've lived that lie... and I know it ain't as heavy as cool would make it be... but if my babies watch this video, they'll know what I mean...   And I thank them for saving me.... from me.

This Anterockstar Song of the Second goes out to my babies... and is again, from Nickelback, "Saving Me".

They maybe ain't heavy... but they're my brothers... and they're yours too..

This is just what Toronto Street looked like, and even though there aren't bars, your wings broke me free....  THANK YOU.  I'll show you what I can be.  Thank you for saving me..... (I know... it's tough... but you saved me boyo.... now save yourself... best gift I can give you).