Subject Observations in contrast... Part I
DateCreated 5/4/2007 2:21:00 PM
PostedDate 5/4/2007 1:14:00 PM
Body I was just a neophyte...

but no longer.

So, your long awaited Anterockstar retrospective (we're gearing up for re-launch on June 1st!).  Hope you all enjoy, and that it gives you a little more context (I know there are big gaps in the story between episodes).

Anterockstar was born (as mentioned in Episode I) as a twist on an attempt to cut a demo for some rockstar reality series....  I mention in my profile that this began as an innocent observation of the anecdotal, and I guess it's about time I shared some anecdotes. 

I mentioned Toronto Street yesterday in my blog, which is where I used to work.  There was this beautiful park near there that I used to spend my lunch hours in (the only bright spot in my day at work).  One day I took the camera in to take pictures.  I loooooooooove taking pics, of just about anything, and I try and do an annual self study. 

One day last spring I took these pics:



I just thought that the guy was a perfect contrast to the tulips, but the greatest part was how bright his face lit up when I asked to take his picture.  He looked really surprised, and proud.  I think although he is drab next to the color of the tulips, his face is one of the most beautiful parts of the pics.

It's odd how some people seek the spotlight, some let it come to them, and some... never think it'll shine so they give up.

This was the trailer we released last year for the show.  I think his aim (the producer) was to highlight contrast, although I'll never know.. I never asked him, and I'm not speaking to him anymore.