Subject You mean I have to pay for IT???!!!!
DateCreated 5/9/2007 7:24:00 PM
PostedDate 5/9/2007 6:48:00 PM

So, I leave this nice little comment on this guy's profile... < >

(I don't use spammers, when you get a message from me it's because I've written it for you personally, not typed some script in somewhere).  You'll know when I start using a script... trust me. < >

So, I leave this nice little comment on this guy's profile, and ask if he'd be nice enough to spread the word about me (otherwise referred to as < >WHOREING < >today here on myspace), and lo, doesn't the fucker get back to me asking for money. < >

I'm insulted.  I wouldn't dream of < >PAYING< someone strictly to recommend me or not, somehow the exchanging of cash kinda dirties that a little bit.  I'd prefer people pass along the word because they actually enjoyed interacting with me.  The thing is, I'm not PAYING< someone to spread the word about me, but I'd have to at least know they believe in what I'm < >SELLING< before I'd contemplate such an intimate relationship as a financial one...  If you don't have faith in me, then don't offer me money, I don't want it.

In any case, just goes to show you how psychometrics really don't appeal to the intelligent consumer these days...

Although I haven't gotten a million friend requests in one hour (and made my inbox explode), I have met some really interesting people today that I wouldn't have if it weren't for the silly squiddy (or train... whichever way you wanna look at it.).

I don't need a train, I AM a freight get on board, or get the fuck off the tracks people.

And Pass the word along!!  SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!!!  to my blog that is... if you feel like it, no pressure...but I DO need to start keeping tabs on all of ya...

...haha... how did you all enjoy my little psychometrics experiment for today, Tell me how you did!!!  How many links did YOU push?

(It's frustrating when your enjoyment is interrupted, isn't it?  Now someone tell the myspace folks that...)

A couple videos for you all.... my Doritos Commercials... and Wayne Campbells.  I dunno.... who do you think can sell more Doritos?