Subject The many faces...
DateCreated 5/11/2007 8:20:00 AM
PostedDate 5/11/2007 7:37:00 AM

of me :o).  I've changed my profile picture and am officially retiring the Stuck Tongue and moving onto our new pic:

I'll be blogging a whole bunch today, seeing as we're launching the merchandise, and our newscast, as well as this week's retrospective on Season 1.

It's really wierd for me to look back at all that material and recognize the person that I was.  I have been meditating alot the last couple of months, in an effort to really delve inside myself and find the answers I knew were there that would help me move forward, and not backwards...

One of the things I've been meditating on is success.  In Episode I I say that I'm afraid to succeed.  That's an easy statement to make, not terribly easy to live down (understand).  Discovering what success is for one's self, and what exactly one is afraid of... (why would you possibly be afraid of succeeding?)

The journey is a highly personal one for all, as is our definition of success.  Every event I was afraid of has come to pass, and I am still alive, and at this point in my life, I consider myself to be successful.  Not because I have met the requirements for success of others, but because I have met my OWN standards of success.  In many cases, my standards far exceed those that are expected of me, and in others, they are much lower.  It's all a matter of what is important to you. 

It's a really good feeling inside to FEEL successful (not just think, or believe, or pretend to be).  There's a great relief (peace) that one gets when one realizes one's success does not hinge on someone else, but purely inside one's self.

I went to bed last night feeling quite peaceful, despite the storm coming today, and woke up this morning very weepy.  I don't know why exactly, but I just had to have a couple of good cries this morning before I could focus on getting anything done.  I pondered this, and realized that I wasn't crying for myself for a change, I was crying for others.  THAT... was a new feeling.

This Anterockstar SOS goes out to all my new friends in Quebec"Je me souviens" is the motto of this fine province, and no one who grew up in Quebec could forget these two (not to mention there's a nice Air Canada plug in there, that just warms the cockles of my heart).  (I know the sound is bad, and the video's cheezy, but I know alot of you will get a kick out of hearing this one again, especially my sister, who recently suffered a loss... I hope it brings a smile to her face, and fond memories).

Here's to turning the page ladies and gentlemen.  Have a great day!

Tourne la page, by Nathalie and Rene Simard...(click title for lyrics)