Subject Better grab a hold....
DateCreated 7/1/2007 10:56:00 AM
PostedDate 7/1/2007 6:15:00 AM

of a chair, cause this is gonna be a long one.

Today is quite the momentus day for our Country.  We are proudly celebrating 140 years as a nation, and I couldn't be prouder.  Canada has a proud Hertitage, and if you live here, you should know all about it.  

If you have the time, I highly suggest you get out there and do something today, there's lots of free stuff to do, Canada is strutting its greatest acts across stages in major Cities all over the country (and Minor Cities!!!!  Check out the excitement we're getting to see at Lakeview tonite!)  If you're there, please say hi!

Fireworks, food, excitement, and best of all, the company of your fellow Canadians gathered to celebrate all our yesterdays, and to look forward to our Tomorrows with abandon... I can't wait. 

Why don't you go out and see how many people you can meet today?

There's also lots of starving artists out there doing shows all over town (if everyone cared indeed...$60 if you wanna see Nickelback today... FREE if you wanna see Eva Avila... and they say women aren't at a If you have the means, and are so inclined, I highly recommend you go out and enjoy some live music today and one of the many local haunts near you, and support our artisitc community!  There's nothing like live music...


And speaking of great live music, we saw Emma Lee at Ciao Edie on Friday... oh she's so smooth...  (and you'll see just HOW smooth in an upcoming Episode of Anterockstar!!!!)


It's also a big day here at Ante Rockstar.  You see, we're officially launching the series today, exclusively on  You can check out the first Episode (for those of you who didn't take advatage of the sneak peak window).  We'll be having new merchandise soon, but there are still a limited number of Posters leftover from our Feed Me Campaign from last fall.  Wait till you see our next poster.... if you liked the silhouette, you're gonna love this.

We're also launching a special new section on which I'll tell you more about later, as well as a page dedicated entirely to Oshawa Rocks.  Latest on that was that the Generals had swiped our date, and we are looking at alternate arrangements... stay tuned...There's a new newsbulletin coming tomorrow...

Thoughts at this moment?  Relief...

Thoughts going forward?  Wait till you see Episode II...


So, on this our country's birthday, I would finally like to lay to rest the doubt that the Anterockstar can sing.

She definitely CAN sing.

But the question remains... does she WANT to?

Stay tuned and Happy Canada Day everyone!