DateCreated 7/7/2007 9:24:00 PM
PostedDate 7/8/2007 6:10:00 AM


So, we headed out to The Dungeon yesterday and caught the DOA show... wow.. unbelievable energy.. but then again, what do you expect from a bunch of Punk Rockers?

They've got 30 years under their belt (ok, 29... 30 in 2008) and man do they know how to rock a house (and play a hell of a set, they were on for no less than an hour, and for a small club, that's a LONG fucking set).  I'll save the rest for an official review of the show, cause they'll be our feature band in Episode III!

You never know what the universe will lay at your feet, and lo, didn't I get to meet Canadian Rock legend Nash the Slash in the parking lot.  I didn't even have to bring up the subject, he brought his opinions on Oshawa with him, and was happy to share them with us... and our camera.

Except he won't show his face.

Huge part of Nash's notoriety is his anonymity, so my apologies ladies and gentlemen, but no face shots here.  If you watch the video, you'll understand why.

Stupid here didn't have enough tape to catch his portion of the performance yesterday, but to have an electric violin in the set, was not only original, it added a whole new and unique dimension to the show, and I've included some of his youtube clips for you to sample.

So... without further ado... Nash the Slash on Oshawa... and what it should do with itself.


Editor's Note: On May 10, 2014, Nash died at his home in Toronto, Ontario at age 66, from a suspected heart attack.