Subject The important things....
DateCreated 7/9/2007 8:15:00 AM
PostedDate 7/9/2007 6:48:00 AM

It's always important to remember the important things (duh), and this morning's post will cover some of those off.

Episode II - Reclamation is now up and available for viewing on  It's such a great accomplishment for us, and we hope you enjoy it!

Of course, we couldn't have done it without the support of the people who are involved, and those who cheer us on... 

To our growing audience... thank you for watching, without you, there would be no point, and we value each one of you. (and really appreciate the feedback, feel free to leave us comments!)

To my coach/friend/crutch RJ...  Thank you for being what you're supposed to be.  Being the flitty little nervous wreck that I am, he infuses me with confidence while at the same time whipping my butt into some kind of performing shape without mercy, and for that I am extremely grateful.  He's a pleasure to work with, not only because he's good at what he does, but because he remains as he is, no matter how I am.  He provides me with the stability I need to stand on to make this happen...  (can't build on instability now can I?)

To my photographers and friends Cari and Rod (who have been with us since season I).  Thank you for being the talented masters of the lens that you are.  Their pics help me tell the thousand words I can't say here, and the magic that happens when we do a shoot is... well... magic. (and draws crowds!  we had a flock of Canada Geese gathered to watch at our shoot last time, it was fantastic... and who needs a wind machine when mother nature provides when you need it?)  Although their work is only on screen for a second or two during  Episode II, it's an important element... not to be missed... it speaks to my frame of mind this season.  It's a big leap of faith to put your image in someone else's hands (and particularly for me, in a man's hands).  Thanks for giving my faith a happy place to dwell.

To the staff at the Stag's head, particularly their head waitress who made me comfortable, and their management for letting us film.

To our best and longest friends, Jen, and Steve... thanks for sticking to us like glue.  Your love and inspiration... well... you know.... you feel it too.

And last but not least.... to my family, Kevin, and the babies.  (yes, I know they're hardly babies anymore, but if you read "Love you forever" by Robert Munsch, you'll understand why I still refer to them as such).  No one could ever want or ask for a better support system than these five people who share my life so intimately.  Through thick and thin, they fill me with passion and drive to pursue this dream of mine.  I would not be who I am without them in my life.

So, those are the important things ladies and gentlemen... giving thanks, and the people who make it so that you have something to be thankful for.

I leave you with this morning's Anterockstar Song of the Second, Jann Arden, and "I would die for you"... been too long since this woman put something out....