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Of a lovely lady...

Well, here we go folks, another EXCITING episode of Anterockstar.  This week we're rocking your world... and straightening my hair.  You can watch, read, and learn all about it on  Click on Anterockstar (PLAYING NOW!!!).... on a side note, you'd be amazed how many people can't follow that simple instruction *giggles*


We're proud to announce today that we are now SYNDICATED!!!!  That's right ladies and gentlemen, we are now being broadcast on, Our thanks to Rick for making that happen!  So, for those of you who are on warpradio, you will soon be able to watch your weekly fix of Anterockstar!

The place is finally ready...  WE'RE MOVING!

For those of you who have bookmarked this page, please take note that we will no longer be using this blog as of August 1st, 2007.  I will leave a bookmark here, but just so you know, the action's all moving over to

Special thanks to Gerry and Cathal at Net Team for their support and dedication in making this happen.


To celebrate our move, today we bring you a new section on, we're still prettying up the place, but it should all be ready for viewing at 5 o'clock.

To celebrate our launch, we invite you out to Montreal Steames for an Anterockstar special this week!  With the purchase of fries, you can now get 4 Steames for $1.  That's right folks, I scored ya $0.25 hot dogs at MONTREAL STEAMES!  See... I told yas I'd show ya how to broker an ad  So, if you're looking for a snack, quick lunch, cheap supper, or just have the munchies, HEAD OVER TO MONTREAL STEAMES on SIMCOE and BOND.  Ask for the owner, and tell him you want the Anterockstar Special!

I'd tell ya how good the food is, but you already know how it's gonna taste.



Indeed... although no more dangerous than the bicycle path here in Oshawa Ontario.  As some of you may have read last week, my daughter Frances was attacked there last week.  For those of you keeping tabs (or watching over her....)  Thank you.  Frances is doing very well, and we have indeed received our token visit from those who are supposedly in power here.  She was a lovely officer, although I didn't get her badge number or name (you'd think she'd have introduced herself), and she promptly asked Frances questions she'd already asked before, and then laid in on the speach about how it was her fault for walking on the path in the daylight by herself.

She mentioned nothing about how proud she Frances should be of herself for having prevented the attack from injuring her.  Way to allay the kids fears there lady.  Good thing Frances has a mother for that.

And needless to say, I'm not impressed with what'shername the cop.  The powers that be are going to hear about it tonight, I assure you.  They're debating this whole Miniatures purchase thing and pushing it through, while my daughter is getting attacked walking the streets.  WHY do we want to bring more people here ?  Shouldn't we be perhaps focusing on making our community a safer place before we look to become THE tourist destination in Ontario?

I've got plenty of ideas, and I plan on sharing them with Council tonite.  Should be a blast, and for those of you who like watching regional TV and live in the Durham Region (although dry.... it's rather interesting to watch if you take the time to) Rogers broadcasts the council meetings live on channel 10.  Starts at 6:30.


So, I hope you're all enjoying the show, please leave us comments so we feel like we know what we're doing! (You can now leave them directly on my blog on ).  You have no idea what an undertaking this is, and although our egos are flying high, our confidence is still shaky (although this is life, isn't it?).  I have lots on the go today, including some awesome footage of the sunrise I took on the weekend to inaugurate our new page, as well as a wedding present for my Uncle Tony, and this council thing tonite....


And if that ain't enough to straighten your hair and rock your world, I don't know what is.