Subject Girl on what?
DateCreated 3/28/2008 6:52:00 AM
PostedDate 3/28/2008 5:57:00 AM

So, my birthday came and went... for those of you who are interested, I am now 36.  Tee hee.  For those of you who like numbers, you know how special that is. 

What did I get for my birthday?  Well, for starters good and pissed off.  Got stood up by Hell for Guitar Hero night at the Atria on Wednesday night (for those of you keeping count Hell has left me stranded 5 times now).  That combined with a bitch fest as I woke up about bus tickets, well, Happy Birthday mom.

Off to the Counselor to keep my mental health in check, and dump my shiz in her lap.  Poor thing, left me with the comment: "you really have no idea how intense you are do you?" and a request to see me weekly now instead of bi-weekly.  Hehe.  I said bi...  methinks she thinks I’m bi-polar, but I’m pretty sure I could fake a good schizophrenic myself.

And speaking of Schizos, I’m now officially something else.  That’s right, I’ve given myself another personality for my birthday.  I’ve re-integrated a few, so we’re still at two... me, and now... Anathema.

For some time my personal life and my professional life have been intertwined a bit too much and it’s time mesevered some ties.  It took me some time to come up with something I could easily transition to, and as usual have some deep meaning to it.  It was a google word of the day last week.  It fit.

Another thing that I’d been pondering for a while obviously is picking up an instrument.  I can’t do strings, I just don’t have the hands for them, my fingers are WAY too small for anything I have access to.  (Haha... tried on Hells pinky rings yesterday... they fit on my THUMBS).

In any case, I’m picking up the drums.  That’s right, I’ll be lashing out my frustration (oh, and those of you who watch the show know how much of that I can store up).  If you think I can scream... how hard do you figure I can bang?

And for those of you who’ve been fortunate enough to watch me  there ain’t no question about my sense of rythm.

Problem of course is can I stay on my tracks... 


Well, we’ll have to see.  But now that I’m picking up an instrument, maybe I’ll be of more use to a band than just as a singer, and I am DYING to get onto a stage, and now I don’t care what I have to do to get there.

Indeed, it’s like a drug, I’m hooked, and I’m diving right in.