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#MakeGood Challenge

Want a chance to show off your talent and raise money for a healing cause?

the first ever
Busking for Breast Cancer Canada challenge
now to June 20, 2023!


Performers, musicians, comedians, mimes, and other performance artists:

  1. Register by creating your profile at
  2. Get out and busk!  Online or on the street, record your busking efforts and upload them to your profile (1)
  3. Remit your fundraising proceeds directly at 
  4. Tell us about it!  Share your video and results online on social media using the hashtag #MakeGood

(1)Video *must* include the hashtag #MakeGood  All other words, images and graphics *must not* contain profanity (think George Carlins’ list), or genital nudity.


Thank You to All those of you who Donated at  using the hashtag #MakeGood in the comment section.

See you again next year!