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Can’t see the forest for the threes….

I’ve been looking back on this year, preparing for next, and certain patterns have come into evidence… Jamais deux sans trois…

Three has played an obvious role in my life this year, so instead of doing a top 10 type retrospect, I’m going to be doing top 3’s. I know it’s a little early, but something tells me I need to get it done.

My top 3…..


The bright lights at the end of the runway at Fashion week, and the ensuing three ring circus in the tent afterwards. (Thanks Ben Barry)

Hitting the stage at Memorial Park with the 3Tards, hearing them and three of my other favorite bands play outside, out loud, in the rain, under the shelter of one of the most beautiful edifice (edifices? edifici?) in our city. (Thanks John Tard)

Watching my own movie on the big screen at Bloor Cinema, and surviving. (Thanks my family)

“Better you than me”, 3Tards. That tune is immortal, and a testament.

“Tamara is a Punk”, the Queers. A gift from Hell. Catchy like a virus, and other than “Tammy’s in Love” is the only song I know with my name in it. Yes, it is all about me.

“Stop”, Doug Hell. A song I hate, but I’m sure I’ll come to love eventually… first song I know was inspired by me.

Fat Tooth (spring?) Atria… first time I saw these guys, in an empty bar, but holy fuck. Worth the walk out in the cold for sure… the place was hotter than hell. An amazing bunch of guys to boot. You have to love performers who bring it ALL no matter the circumstances.

3Tards – This ones three-in-one cause from memorial park to groove lounge to Kathedral I saw a gang swell and burst. I left the last show in so many tears I was dying. THAT is moving.

Ben Atom – Holy Joe’s – September 18th. This one is special for me cause it’s the first time I’ve seen this longtime friend of mine in performance, and he was able to take my mind off the hell I’d just been through at Shwatarded, and take me away…..


3Tards Breastcancer fundraiser, spring 2009. Footage of John Tard in a Papal Mitre… priceless… getting it on Rogers Local Television… hehehehehehe….

Parkwood Estates with Colin Carrie, July 2009. The first time I’ve been inside Parkwood, and the company’s reaction to my presence, again… priceless. There’s nothing like watching people wonder why you’re there.

Tattoo Parlor Shoot, August 2009. Alot of fun, and I got a precious momento to boot.

Bottom 3….

Hell kicking me off his album. ’nuff said.
Muck Rattlers kicking me outta their posse (or me carving my way out, depending out you look at it). 🙁
Shwatarded. Both a triumph, and a disaster, all in one.

Anything Lady gaga… although I will dance to her shit.
Anything Jay-Z… and I’ll only dance to it if it’s Madonna doing Jay-Z
And just to be politically correct, I’ll throw Nickelback in there, although I have the lyrics to all their songs memorized.

It’s hard to pick three shows I had a shitty time at, but here goes:

Baker Muck Rattlers, Isabella’s, January, 2009. For obvious reasons for those present, but this is the night I got the idea in my head that maybe I just didn’t belong. I broke a tap that night.

Shwatarded, Memorial Park – June 20th, 2009. For getting caught with my pants down. Both literally, and figuratively. Had I expected the authorities to react the way they did, I would have been better prepared for their response. I was just trying to put on a show.

Groopies Fundraiser, Sneeky Dees – August, 2009. I got to witness for the second time a close friend of mine lose their mind for all the world to see. Great footage, at a great cost.

The Spot Opening. I should have filed suit.
Shwatarded. I should have gotten arrested at Memorial Park along with my gang.
Shwatarded part deux, the movie. I should have taken more time to evaluate my options.

So there we have it, my year in threes…. I’m thankful for all of my successes and failures, and I hope this inspires you to take a moment and look back on your year and give credit where it is due.

I am especially thankful for all the people in my life, who have enriched it so much that I have so many stories to tell…… and shared these ups and downs with me.

Scenes from the shroud of Tardin, the mirror in my room.

One of three setlists salvaged from the show at Memorial Park

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