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C’mere little drummer boy…..

So you think you can bang?  PROVE IT! 

Ante-Rockstar is now accepting submissions highlighting drummers. 

They drive the train, and nobody talks to them (cause half the time you can’t see them), but they’re the sweaty, heavy breathing magicians who make it possible to play at all.  They give us a beat. 

Give us your drummers people…. ALL of them! 

Please submit your entries via our Livejournal community on We want your stories, your pictures, your video, your sound.  What makes your drummer the best?  What do you like about his personality and contributions to the band, and what don’t you like?

Drummers!  Tell us about yourselves, why do you like to make so much noise?  What drives you to keep going despite your body screaming that it can’t go anymore?  What tricks/tips have you learned over the course of your career?  What’s been the most valuable experience?  Your triumphant moment so far?  And what are you gonna do to top it?  What has drumming brought to your life?  What has it taken from you?

This is an unmoderated community, accessible to minors.  Please exercise the appropriate adult restraing and respect when contributing.  It is intended for social as well as educational purposes, so let’s keep to the topics at hand (drumming).  If I have to start babysitting you there will be trouble.  Just as long as you don’t post things that your mother wouldn’t be proud of, you’ll be ok.

(and please keep this clean people, I don’t wanna deal with the moral police here, you dig?  Anyone who submits inappropriate material will not be given any warning, and their IP banned forever from our database).

I’ll be posting about Chris, the drummer for The Symptom as soon as we have pics available (tonite, or tomorrow).  And I’m looking forward to his own contribution(s) *wink*

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