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My personal favorite contradiction of Andy’s, after calling me a tyrant:

“Now it is my turn to talk, and I will do so uninterrupted. So, I have locked comments on this post, and I have locked the blog from additional posts for a period of 1 week.”


“Before I begin, I’d like to state that I am not writing this out of vengeance, or spite, or anger. “

Cutting off my ability to communicate with my audience, not to mention damaging my reputation and sales efforts, which are starting to show signs of paying off.  Luckily, his highness will have to report to someone higher up than me on that one.  Sure, cutting off my only avenue to any sort of positive conclusion to this thing is indeed not a vengeful, spiteful, or angry thing to do.  I can totally see that now, what a dumb bitch I am *shocked!*

“Lucky for me, I’ve been screwed by Andy before, and this time, I’m ready for him to bail.” – Me

Thank God for lessons learned… the hard way, but learned none the less.  

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