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Cutting through some confusion…

So, I’ve been playing cards every Saturday night since we got here with my friend Jen.  Jen and I have been playing a card game called school together our entire lives.  I have never won playing against her….  Last night after we finished she marvelled at how good a loser I was, seeing as I’ve been playing this game for nearly 20 years, and never win, and never complain about losing either.

I told her that when playing with her, the object of the game for me is not to win, but just to finish (not be left sitting with a handful of points, but having passed every grade).  I stopped keeping track of a score with her several years ago…  I feel no need to compete with her, simply to engage in the game because it’s challenging.

The game consists of 9 grades, and is played with as many decks as there are players (in our case, two decks).  The decks we use are significant for us, we play with an Air Canada deck, and a Summerlea Golf & Country club deck.  Two places that have figured prominently in our lives.  Both these decks are imprinted with many years of memories, and hands….

At each grade, players are dealt 13 cards, and must collect a certain hand before passing onto the next grade, and must play all their cards for the hand to end.  For example, in grade one, you’d have to put down two sets of three, then play out all your cards to go out.  The person left would count up all the cards in their hand as points, the object being to end the game with the least points.

I’ve noticed lately, that playing cards is a good way to retrain my brain to think not only in a strategic fashion, but by observing the hand I’m dealt, vs. what the deck gives me when I pick from it, vs. the cards she discards, vs. what I hope to get….  well, it all seems to come together quite nicely without much strategic thinking on my part at all.

All I need to do to win is make the right choices, by fully accounting for all variables, I play a perfect game. 

I’ve noticed that each hand that she ended, I was left holding the two of hearts. (two would be the least amount of points you’d be left holding).

Even though I played a perfect game last night, I still lost.  Although I don’t care that I lost, cause if I won, there would no longer be a point to playing… and I enjoy playing cards with Jen… even if she does always win.

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