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So today’s lesson is all about perspective. Perspective is a very curious thing, it is dependant on the point of view of the observer. It is very difficult for people to change their point of view in some circumstances. Often our perspective is clouded by our own extraneous factors (emotions, past experience, personal feelings etc.)  The trick to seeing someone elses perspective is to be able to look at any given situation in a different light. Like a prism.  A beam of light intersects the prism at a certain angle and is refracted through the prism. To get the rainbow you have to change the perspective (beam) to intersect the prism at a certain angle.  If you insist on seeing things in a certain light then you will, and nothing can change your perspective but you.

So Tam was her rambunctious self as she often is when out, similar to her behavior the night we went to Horseshoe when we met newspaper Taxi.  It has been said that this is an ego trip, and yes it is.  It is what is called making a spectacle of yourself in order to draw attention.  How is she ever going to draw attention to the show, and the site, and all the work we all have been diligently doing by staying quiet in the back corner and not making a spectacle of herself?  It doesn’t matter whether people hate her or love her, they notice her and thereby notice us and the work we are doing.

The irony of all of this is all your personal attacks on her on the Anterockstar blog.  I could sit here and see it as a personal attack and that you are trying to kill the project that you all have worked so hard on. For pettiness, or fear, or anger, or whatever million other emotions are coursing through your minds.  I change my perspective and try to look at your actions in the best light possible.  At the very least you have generated some interest in what is going on and I’m sure our viewers are riveted to see what is going to happen next.  Will the rest of you walk away from the project, leaving the Anterockstar bankrupt and broken, or will you change your perspective and trust in her?


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