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Dear John…

It’s Good Friday. I haven’t written in forever… I can’t say I’ve
missed it, I think I needed a little time after the Fashion Week
article to recover.

I poured my soul into that one. I was also recovering from our project
The Spot failing to open, although my birthday was still awesome, we
feasted for weeks. Justin’s and my best friend Jen’s birthday this
week made it an even three, and life is now just one party after

I’ve also been busy pouring my soul into another big project, which,
serendipitously once again, found it’s way into my lap one fine
Saturday morning. Funny how you never expect it….

This is my friend John Tard, we met a year ago, and he left me in tears…

I’m sure he’ll leave me and a great deal more people in tears when he
tears up the Memorial Park Bandshell stage for breastcancer on June
20th, for the last time in Oshawa… EVER.

I’m finding it hard to believe how this all happened, but I am now
organizing what is turning out to be one of mine, and the 3Tards, and
all the bands involved, biggest, most historic achievements EVER.

LOUD ROCK played in the OPEN… this doesn’t happen in Oshawa
everyday, hell, it doesn’t happen in Oshawa EVER.

I’m speechless.

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