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Deep Breath….Ok folks… here goes

Reposted from Live Journal February 27, 2006

I’m auditioning for the next Rockstar.

YES, I’m serious.

This all started last week when I got an email the mix99.9 list that I’m on announcing a contest they’re holding and the prize is an industry only audition for the next Rockstar at The Horseshoe on the 14th.

Not alot of time to turn a 33 year old mother of four office manager who likes to sing in the car into a Rockstar. So… here’s the plan:

A friend of mine has got studio space reserved for Friday to cut the demo. (I’m singing Green Eyes by Coldplay for that). This particular friend has an ear for music like mine, and the technical knowledge to make it sound absolutely MUAH! He’s also graciously coaching me and my fragile ego through the process (it might be better if I had some experience at these things, but I’m good at winging things, so I’m not worried, it’s not like it’s quantum physics right?)

Another friend of mine (professional singer…lol) has been recruited to coach me vocally.

My sister is coming over this weekend to help me go through outfits (in case we actually do win…).

My brother in law is being recruited to accompany me (in case we actually do win…).

And yes, ladies and gentlemen… I think I may ACTUALLY have to bite the bullet and quit smoking. I practiced for only an hour or so tonite and my throat is killing me…. I need SUPERJILL!!!

So far my nerves are alright. After puking yesterday morning when I first got the idea, and deciding that there was no fucking way I could do this today, I’m back up again. The more support I get, the more I’ll stay there, so…

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