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I hate it when people don’t live up to their word…. I jump hoops to keep mine…


So, to keep it short, and sweet… we’ve been up to absolutely no good this week, and I’m pooped.  Worked my ass off…and thought I’d be celebrating tonite.


Doing what you ask?  Well…. working my throat half to death, and performing on command is becoming a real bitch… 

I don’t like having to “create” moments, I just prefer to let them happen……

But when you let them happen, you have to “let” someone else take control, and if you know me at all, you know that I don’t take orders easily, or lightly….


I don’t take disappointments lightly either, and it’s almost like I don’t want to grow a thicker skin… changing is hard, and I like me the way I am, and I don’t want a thicker skin….  then again, I don’t want to be disappointed either….

Decisions…. decisions…

So, for all you lonely hearts out there, here’s yer anterockstar song of the second…. let’s all raise a glass to bitch.. or moan… whatever the fuck you feel like doing right now.

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