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Doesn’t ANYONE see the bigger picture?

Letters I maybe shouldn’t send, but I mean fuck.

I can’t believe I just had this conversation, but it appears that I
can’t even get some of the talent to lift their fucking fingers to

You see, it’s’ all about me.

Yes, me. I’m the one writing, videotaping, chatting all day long,
writing, calculating, writing, talking, talking, talking, phoning,
writing, emailing.

Fuck off you and your goddamned life so busy you don’t have time to
lavish five or six words onto a page to help yourself.

Has anyone else done it?

You’re fuckin right they have, I don’t know how many, but I know
people have been writing in to DEMAND the City put up a link to the
3Tards Farewell to Oshawa ON TOP of the Kiss link already on their

It’s the least they can do. And I can’t believe how little some people
will commit.

Even for money.

This particular band is the only one who’se asked for a fucking
guarantee… to add insult to injury.

4 thoughts on “Doesn’t ANYONE see the bigger picture?”

  1. Sounds shitty, no one helping out and all.. point me in the right
    direction and I’m more than willing to do anything in my power to help
    this shit go through.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I have support…. it’s just the attitude that
      sucks. Changing people’s attitude is so hard to do…
      You’re one of the supports I’m talking about, even though you’re just
      an email message now and then, your enthusiasm reminds me I’m on the
      right track
      For now just write in to the city and pass the word along…. We’ve
      got a few other things coming along, lots of news coming next week!

  2. To be honest, I haven’t much been keeping up with this whole
    3tards issue, I think I heard they didn’t waive the park fee’s but
    it’s still going on? (the concert?)
    If so, am I to write city hall and request that they dismiss the park
    fee’s in the event that this is a fundraiser?
    also, correct me if i’m wrong, is this a breast cancer benefit show?

    1. The show is very much ON. This week’s issue was getting them to waive
      the fees, and they indeed, said no.
      I have started a campaign for them to put a link to our show on their
      site, just like they have with KISS. I’ve been asking people to write
      to and DEMAND that they put a 3Tards Farewell to
      Oshawa link on their site, ON TOP of the Kiss one. I think it’s the
      least they can do.
      This is indeed a breast cancer benefit, and we have some pretty
      awesome acts lined up in support, I’m pretty amazed! (with the
      exception of the above noted fly in my ointment)

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