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Don’t kid yourself kid… now get outta here, you bother me.

So, I’ve been promising to write about Wetwork. I’ve been chatting with Doc for couple of weeks now, and Bryan on and off for nearly a year, and we know people in common. I spent the afternoon with Bryan yesterday working on this piece. My thanks to him for his hospitality, he’s a real gentleman.

That’s not to say that he’s not a complete animal, but you’d have to see him on stage to get the benefit of a performance like that, although the experience of it last night was quite the trip. Nothing like lying face down in a heavily carpeted room to absorb the power of a recorded piece. Being a heavy bass girl myself, well, last time I felt remotely like that was while listening to The Symptom in their last place at The School. They’ve switched spots again, and budgets being what they are, the space is smaller, but there are still musicians crawling all over it.

I asked Bryan to play for me yesterday, but he declined to… lol… asking me who the fuck I thought I was to be asking for something like that…lol. Yeah, he’s shy that Bryan one.

About as shy as Doc, but I think she does relax enough to let things go… just have to put her boots on. It was great to hear Bryan talk about her, he’s got a tremendous amount of respect for her, and it’s pretty mutual. You are talking about a pair who have the heart, intellect, and abilities to make some pretty powerful music together, and that doesn’t happen by accident. The kind of respect these two have for each other is by design…. and understanding.

Ahhh… so great to be understood.


On another note, I’m dragging on the Oshawa pitch, but am secure in the fact that I am well prepared for this performance. I can’t wait till the council meeting on the 11th.

I’m also working on some other little tid bits that are proving to be quite interesting indeed, and taking turns in directions I never would have expected, but boy is it fun watching it play itself out. Of course only those whose tid bits I’m working on *giggles* would know what the hell I’m talking about. But that suits me just fine.

So ya, the voices are back, and i’m having fun sharing them with you…

And ya… my own voice is quite clear in my head now…


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