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Don’t say words you’re gonna regret

Don’t let fire rush to your head” – Alan Parsons Project – Eye in the sky.

or your belly – me.

Well, the sun in my eyes made some of the lies worth believing, and I just landed a gig working the runway at Toronto Fashion week. Not bad for an old lady of 36 (37 on the 27th of March!). This will be my first runway gig…I’m so excited…. I actually got scouted for this, I didn’t have to chase after it.

I’m especially excited because of the nature of the work I’ll be participating in. Toronto Fashion week is a pretty grand event in and of itself, and not only will I be supporting a Canadian designer, but a designer who is leading change.


I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told “get outta here kid, you’ll never make it” in one form or another… particularly when it’s come to modelling. I’ve had four kids, so right off the bat I’m damaged goods (stretchmarks!)… not to mention I have no chest to speak of (breastfeeding!)…. I’m well past the age where elastin bursts from my pores, and firmness is along the way to giving in to gravity…

But not quite.

I was so shocked when I realized the gravity of the invitation I actually started crying. Now, I cry alot, and regularly, but this crying was something I haven’t felt in quite a long time. The kinda crying that happens when you make it through a particularly difficult problem (or what you perceive to be a problem) and then suddenly it dissipates and gives way to relief… such a deep relief… it makes you cry.

The reality is that this moment in time, the 18th of March, 2009, I will get to be a small part of something really really big, but that moment will be entirely mine, and I will have worked really really hard to earn it.

And that’s satisfaction baby.

I have to thank Kae Tibando for this picture, otherwise I don’t think this would be happening…. Taken at Poor Pelly’s birthday party 🙂

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